The Smartest Radiator Thermostat

Evana is using AI and state of art sensor technology to bring the future of heating to your home. With Evana sensor, smart radiator valve and app, you can adjust your room temperature to exact level you want and optimize your comfort with lowest gas bill possible. Evana makes heat controlling and metering simple, smart and efficient.

Weekly Schedule
Save up to 30%
Control via app
Adaptation to environment

Technicial Specifications

  Save up to 30% per year
  Precise temperature control with advanced sensor technology
  Tested superiority over thermostatic radiator valves *
  Bluetooth control
  Up to 2 years of battery life

* It is observed that it works 18% more efficiently than manual thermostatic valves in the test room in DIN EN 442 standards.

Controlling and metering via phone

With Evana mobile app, you can control the temperature of all rooms separately in your house. You can set different schedules for each room and measure the heat usage simultaneously. In this way, you don’t waste any energy in the rooms you don’t use and maximize savings.

Did you know?


Evana – precise temperature control and calendar feature saves up to 30%.

Return on investment: 1 year
Fit in Each Room
Evana learns the necessary control parameters by adapting to changing environment.
Optimum comfort
Provides the comfort temperature recommended for your health in every room in your house.
Open Window Detection
The valve closes itself in case of sudden temperature decreases
Manuel Control

Evana Smart Radiator Thermostat

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